LMC,  NAAC  & other Coordination Committees
  1. Hon'ble Ashokrao Shankarraoji Chavan                  - Chairman
  2. Shri Udayarao Shahajirao Nimbalkar                               - Member
  3. Dr. Bhagwat Shrirangrao Dhengle                                     - Member
  4. Shri Madhukarrao Bapurao Patil Khatgaonkar               - Member
  5. Shri Anand Namdevrao Hoge                                             - Member
  6. Dr. G. N. Shinde                                                                     - Principal/Secretary
  7. Dr. M.M. Pund                                                                        -Teacher's Representative
  8. Mr. F.M. Saudagar                                                                -Teacher's Representative

NAAC Steering Committee
  1. Prin. Dr. G. N. Shinde                                                                                - Chairman
  2. Dr. Pund M. M. (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Botany)                             -Coordinator         
  3. Dr. Mirza S. B.   (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of English)                           -Member
  4. Mr. Muthe P. R.      (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Economics)              -Member
  5. Dr. Waghmare N. K. (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Geography)            -Member
  6. Mr. Shinde A. T.      (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Botany)                       -Member
  7. Dr. Pawale R. G.     (Asst. Prof. & Head, Dept. of Env.Science)            -Member
  8. Mr. Wadje K. N.       (Librarian)                                                                     -Member
  9. Mr. Wadwale J. B.   (Sr. Clerk)                                                                     -Member

Objectives & Responsibilities
  • To prepare of necessary proposals for accreditation and assessment.
  • Over all supervision of work related to NAAC Cell and correspondence therein when and where required.
  • To inform the undersigned, the progress of concerned work/projects time to time.
  • To maintain proper record and progress report to be presented to the authorities and the Principal.
  • All the members are responsible to submit the necessary documents and SSR to NAAC, Banglore

Research Committee
  1. Dr. S.V.Khansole -                 Coordinator
  2. Dr. N.K. Waghmare -            Member
  3. Dr. M.M. Pund -                     Member
  4. Dr. M.V. Lokhande-              Member
Objectives & Responsibilities
  • The work for assessment of Major & Minor Research Project under UGC Guidelines at college level.
  • To prepare Assessment Certificate of Major and Minor research for Online submission.  

Internal Exam Steering Committee
  1. Dr. U.E. Bais                            Coordinator
  2. Dr. K.R.Solunke                        Member
  3. Mrs. Pensalwar D.B.             Member
  4. Mr. Saudagar F.M.                Member

Library Advisory Committee
  1. Dr. K.B. Gitte                        Chairman
  2. Mr. Wadje K.N.                    Secretary
  3. Mr. S.W. Jagtap                   Member
  4. Dr. K.R. Solunke                  Member
  5. Mr. D.B. Kadam                   Member
Objectives & Responsibilities
  • Develop MOU with Different Libraries.
  • Develop inter Library loan facility.
  • Orders of books.
  • Purchase of books.
  • Browsing of books through internet.
  • Book binding.
  • Maintain record of Books.
  • Maintain record of visitors such as teachers, students & visitors.
  • Stock verification.
  • Solving complain & suggestion from visitors.

Student- Teacher Library
Student -Teacher Library is an unique concept in itself. It is a new venture in expanding the education field. It is planned an effective extra curricular activity. To work out the idea an initial meeting was held on 22nd July,2010 Under the guidance of Dr. G. N. Shinde. Accordingly a committee was formed with teachers and student is it for academic year 2013-14.

The names of members are    :
Chair Person                    :            Dr. G.N. Shinde(Principal)
Co-Ordinator                    :            Dr. Pawale R.G.
Secretary                           :           Mr.K.N. Wadje
Members                          :            Mr. Shinde A.T.
                                                        Mr. Paikrao S.S.
                                                        Mr. Patil G.S.                                                        
                                                        Mrs. Rathod B.A.
                                                        Mrs. Pensalwar D.B.
The Student members are
1)        Miss. Deshmukh Kanchan
2)        Mr. Madhav Tarke
3)        Miss. Sarika A. Jondhale

College visualized the dire deed of the area. As CIDCO falls under and other part of the city there is a need to establish such an educational aid for the benefit of the students so that they can compete with the other world. This gesture towards the enhancing the regarding  potentials of student aims very high , The scheme at presto, aims at academic venture it hopes to look forward for the versatile development of the students .Regarding habits opens the new vistas for students.
Future Plans :
first or all the committee of student teacher library plans to have a spare wing in library. An assistant is required for the help of librarian to issue the books to students during the college hours for reference.  At the outset, the committee plans to have linkage with other prominent libraries. It plans to computerize the whole library.

Scholarship Committee
  1. Dr. N.K. Waghmare     :    Coordinator
  2. Mr. G.S. Patil                :    Member
  3. Miss. K.B. Gitte            :    Member
  4. Dr. Paikrao S.S.            :     Member
Objectives & Responsibilities
  • The work of verification of GOI Scholarship work Process.

Birth anniversary and Commemoration Programme Committee
  1. Mr. Ghayal B.L.             :    Coordinator
  2. Dr. S.W. Jagtap            :    Member
  3. Dr. S.G. Tugaonkar    :    Member
  4. Mrs Rathod B. A.         :    Member
Objectives & Responsibilities
  • The work of birth anniversary celebration of Honorable Person declared by the Govt.

Public Relation & Information Officer
1)    Dr. R.G.Pawale-         Coordinator
2)    Dr. N.K. Waghmare -         Member
3)    Dr. Miss. K.B.Gitte -         Member
4)    Dr. M.V. Lokhande-         Member

Objectives & Responsibilities
The committee  will act as  Research Committee from academic year 2013-14 as per the "Right To Information (RTI) Act 2005" & directives given by State Government & S. R. T. M. University, Nanded time to time, till the further notice of this office. The members are assigned the work for necessary action.

Anti-Raging Cell
1)    Dr. M.M.Pund -                                 Coordinator
2)    Dr. N. K. Waghmare -                       Member
3)    Mrs. D. B. Pensalwar-                     Member
4)    Mr. Chandra Kant Kadam-            Student member
5)    Miss. Kalbande Komal Narayan - Student member
Objectives & Responsibilities

The committe members will act as members of Anti-Raging Cell from academic year 2013-14 as per the directives given by State Government & S. R. T. M. University, Nanded time to time, till the further notice of this office.

Women's Anti-Harassment Cell
The college has a Women's Anti-Harassment Cell ensures females rights in the college. Female students are encouraged not to bear any harassment in the college and in society in general..

  1. Mrs. B. A. Rathod             -Coordinator
  2. Mrs. D.B. Pensalwar     - Member
  3. Dr. Mrs. K.B.Gitte            -  Member
  4. Dr. Mrs. L. M. Bokare     - Member (NGO), Priyadarshani Mahila Pratishthan, CIDCO,Nanded
  5. Miss. Deshmukh Kanchan     -Student member
  6. Miss. Londhe Pratiksha -  Student member

Women's Counselor Cell
The college has a Women's Counseling Cell which takes care of the facilities and development of women.
    1)    Mrs. D. B. Pensalwar                  Coordinator
    2)     Mrs. B. A. Rathod                      Member
    3)     Mrs. S.B. Jadhav                     Member

Grievance Redressal Unit
The  Unit consists of five members and one coordinator to hear complaints of faculties and students.

  1. Mr. F. M. Saudagar               Coordinator
  2. Dr. S. B. Mirza                         Member
  3. Mr. S. G. Birajdar                   Member
  4. Mrs. D. B. Pensalwar.           Member
  5. Mr. J. B. Wadwale                 Member
Shri Sharda Bhavan Education Society's
Cidco, New Nanded-431605. MS, India.
(Affiliated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.)
Hon'ble Dr. S.B. Chavan
Founder President SSBES &
Former Union Home Minister
Govt. of India

NAAC Accredited  "B" Grade
with CGPA 2.62  &
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution